Financial disparity in Gordon Hayward’s free-agency decision is smaller than you think

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Gordon Hayward can make significantly more money re-signing with the Jazz this July — $44.55 million to be exact. Presumably, that fact and the security it represents will be a part of Utah’s pitch to him, potentially a significant one.

However, that single figure overstates the disparity between Cheap Oakland Raiders Jerseys the two potential contracts in his particular case.

These combined factors should inform Hayward and his team that a 3+1 contract this summer is his best choice, even if he elects to stay in Utah. Leaving that $39,204,000 fifth-year player option would be hard, but a confident player would look to the future and see that the best path to maximizing his career earnings looks the same either way.

Sacramento, Philadelphia and Denver (if they lose Danilo Gallinari and do not sign a big ticket free agent in the first week of July) could make sense, but that is an awfully narrow group that could each move in other directions depending on the opportunities presented in the first week of July. Those same pressures could apply even more strongly for Nerlens Noel, who Dallas acquired at the trade deadline, due to the oversaturation of centers in the league at the moment. While far from definite, RFA centers Cheap NBA Jerseys From USA like him, Mason Plumlee and Alex Len could struggle to find strong offer sheets.

Outside of restricted free agents, the other group most affected by this reduction in collective cap space will be point guards. While stars like Curry will get whatever contracts they desire, the combination of surprisingly large supply and comparatively small demand could stall the point guard market at some point in the process. This year’s NBA Draft pushed this even further because Philadelphia, Sacramento, Dallas Cheap Qld School Basketball Jerseys and possibly New York substantially reduced their interest in spending lavishly on a primary ball handler this summer after taking point guards in the lottery.

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