it shouldn’t spend a high pick on players who have growing up to do.

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A stable environment, free of clashes in philosophy and priorities, as well as of quick-trigger coaching changes, doesn’t guarantee success. But they help more than the opposite.

If a team isn’t ready to give that, it shouldn’t spend a high pick on players who have growing up to do.

The owner, head coach, staff and top football people are the grown-ups. They don’t have to be, of course; they don’t have to conduct themselves as such, and they can choose to go about their business the way plenty of NFL teams do, with impatience, impulsiveness, desperation and runaway egos.

But they can’t be surprised at the results when they do. The results in Tennessee, in part, were Young and Jeff Fisher imploding in their fifth year together, Young getting cast off and Fisher parting ways at the end of the season.

And it results in an underachieving, underwhelming career for Young, full of regrets and an inability, even now, to talk in depth about what went down between him and Fisher.

For the Titans, it results in five more years before they find a quarterback NFL Jerseys 2014 they love as much as they once loved Young, Marcus Mariota (with the daughters of the late owner, Bud Adams, now running the team).

If Young is some kind of cautionary tale — which he is in many ways, as the story reveals — then that Titans hierarchy and the pieces that made it up are, too.

No, every team hasn’t learned. There are always going to be young quarterbacks Cheap Lions Jerseys who need to mature, and they don’t always (ever?) do it on the team’s timetable.

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