Revis played during the Chiefs’ loss to the Titans in the wild-card playoff in addition to five regular season games, in which he made 11 tackles.

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Listing the NFL’s highest-paid players is an inexact science. Jimmy Garoppolo’s reported contract with the 49ers, for example, makes him the league’s highest-paid player … in terms of average annual salary. Some might argue total guaranteed money at signing is the only number that matters in an NFL contract.

For the purpose of this list, though, Sporting News will stick with average annual salary as the determining factor in ranking the NFL’s highest-paid players. The list, as always, is subject to change.

On the other hand, there’s plenty of great TV moments in this doc. I came away with a renewed respect for Kraft, who somehow managed these two prima donnas. When Parcells jilted the Patriots for the Jets, Kraft could have hired Belichick. But he went with Pete Carroll — another eventual Super Bowl-winning coach with the Seahawks — because he wanted to clean house from the Parcells regime.

Although Revis, who turns 33 this summer, faces an uncertain future, he’s been one of the top corners in the league this decade. He’s earned seven Pro Bowl selections and one of the best nicknames “Revis Island,” in football. He has 29 career interceptions.

Butler was benched. “They gave up on me,” he said after Sunday’s loss, but Belichick afterward offered little reason as to why, beyond insisting he picked the players he thought gave New England the best chance of victory.

The Eagles will care little about the method behind Belichick’s personnel madness. They took full advantage of it by dicing up a Butler-less secondary in a shootout that broke the Super Bowl record for yardage with 1,151.

That made Brissett expendable, and the Patriots took advantage of that to fill a need at wide receiver by getting Phillip Dorsett in the trade with Indianapolis. Dorsett so far has not lived up to his Cheap NFL Jerseys China potential as a former first-round selection. But if the Patriots can get the Nike NFL Jerseys best out of him, his arrival could help to offset the loss of Julian Edelman to a season-ending knee injury.

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