Players including Randle said the meeting was needed and Brandon Ingram hoped that the airing out of various issues would hopefully make the Lakers play more free.

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They had been competitive for much of this season and in the majority of their games, including when they played the toughest four-game stretch any NBA team has faced in three seasons when they Cheap MLB Jerseys played at Cleveland, against Golden State, at Houston and then at Golden State earlier this month.

But losing close, grueling games to elite teams and injuries have taken its toll on the young Lakers. Veteran Andrew Bogut also said players have been frustrated not only by injuries and constantly changing rotations but also the Lakers’ plans to clear cap space to go after two superstar free agents next summer and the uncertainty that has created for players on the current roster.

“Those close losses, that was brutal,” forward Larry Nance Jr. said. “If you play the Rockets and the Warriors six times combined in one month, that will get you. We might just be feeling the effects of that, we might be in a bit of a lull, but whatever it is, we got to snap out of it quick because it can get out of hand.”

“We got to light a fire under ourselves somehow,” Nance added. “… [The meeting] definitely helped. [But] we are not going to go into a meeting and come out and go, ‘Great! We are the Warriors now.’ There is none of that going on. But in terms of morale, in terms of togetherness and we are all in this as a unit and team, we are going to dig ourselves out of it and figure it out together, Yeah, there was definitely some chemistry and camaraderie built. Especially in a rough patch of the season, there can be splintering, so I think that was good.”

Carlisle: As president of the Coaches Association, I view the recent ESPN article as a disgrace quite honestly. Luke Walton is a terrific young coach who is bringing along a young team and it’s a difficult task. If you don’t believe it, just ask me. We’re going through it now, we’ve been through it last year.

ESPN is an NBA partner, and they’ve been a great one. Part of that Wholesale MLB Jerseys partnership … the coaches do a lot of things to help them with access, interviews, and all those kinds of things. In exchange for that, they should back up the coaches. Printing an article where the father of an NBA player has an opinion that is printed as anything like legitimate erodes trust. It erodes the trust we’ve built with ESPN, and our coaches are upset.

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