Ravens lose Flacco, beat Dolphins 40-0 behind defense

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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was dazed and bleeding as he was helped off the field.

This is why it’s incumbent upon the Colts to finish with as high a pick as possible. If Darnold stays in school, the difference between the second and third overall picks could amount to multiple high draft picks. If only one of the quarterbacks projects to be a superstar, the Colts might end up needing the first overall pick to be in position for a franchise-altering swap.

He grew up a fan of quarterbacks. Talented contributors such as Derrick Henry and Jonnu Smith also came out of that trade. Even if Goff continues to look like a superstar, the Titans will be plenty happy with Mariota and the boatload of picks they got to replenish their roster.

A northern Alabama native, college football games on Saturdays were his sports meat and potatoes. The NFL was dessert.

“The quarterbacks were the ones I had posters of,” Rivers said. “The quarterbacks were the ones I picked who I liked, and what numbers I liked and everything.”

Brett Favre, Troy Aikman, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, John Elway, Steve Young. His walls were living monuments to the game’s best.

It’s why Rivers said he doesn’t take for granted the opportunity he’ll have Sunday when Los Angeles (3-4) takes on the New England Patriots (5-2) and Tom Brady.

I don’t know if the unit is good enough to ensure a victory once the Cheap Infant NFL Jerseys Bears get there — you still need strong quarterback play to succeed in the playoffs, and that’s a question mark with rookie Mitchell Trubisky under center — but Floyd and Co. have this team ahead of schedule. One thing is certain: You don’t want to look up on offense and see these guys lined Cheap Jackie Robinson Jerseys up across from you.

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