Jay-Z dons Colin Kaepernick jersey during SNL performance

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Jay-Z still has Colin Kaepernick’s back.

The rapper donned a No.7 “Colin K” jersey while performing his new song, “Bam,” alongside Damian Marley during his Saturday Night Live appearance.

The display comes after Jay-Z reportedly turned down the opportunity to perform this season’s Super Bowl haftime show and opened the door for Justin Timberlake to negotiate a deal instead.

Jay-Z has ben outspoken in his support for Kaepernick in recent months and even dedicated a song to the controversial quarterback during a concert in New York.

In his first three seasons, the Texans didn’t commit to drafting their franchise quarterback, the one who would put an otherwise dangerous team over the top. Too many placeholders, too many reaches, too many players who, in somebody’s mind, just needed to be fixed, needed O’Brien’s magic touch.

It’s different now. Deshaun Watson brought his own magic. And now, maybe, we’ll see how much magic O’Brien really has.

Is three games too early to declare this to be the coach-quarterback Cheap Jerseys MLB pairing the Texans have needed for years? Absolutely not. It shouldn’t have taken one game (one half, actually) for them to realize Watson needed to get started on his career now.

Never was it more obvious than Sunday in Houston; in the masterpiece Watson painted Cheap Jerseys Online Free Shipping against the Titans. It’s as if that opener against the Jaguars that Tom Savage started was played in a totally different season … by a totally different offense.

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