he was upset Toronto continued to play an isolation style of basketball

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Shortly after Toronto shipped him to Brooklyn, Carroll made several comments about his tenure with the Raptors in a July 10 story published by The Toronto Sun’s Ryan Wolstat.

First, he was upset Toronto continued to play an isolation style of basketball:

“I wasn’t happy, my agent, we thought the style of ball was going to be different, it was going to be more team-oriented, but I guess it was still ISO (isolation), so I thought they would have moved me last year, but that didn’t happen.

“If you’ve been playing ISO ball so long, and that’s all you know, it’s going Cheap Jerseys Paypal to be kind of hard. I think you have to bring certain guys in, certain coaches in, to really build that type of culture and I feel like Toronto is an ISO team, that’s what they win off (of), that’s what they’ve been playing off of for five, six years now.”

Still, while there may have been a ceiling on George’s trade value, the Pacers did a terrible job leveraging multiple team’s interest in George against each other. Cleveland wanted him, although it would’ve taken a third team like Denver. Washington was reportedly dangling Otto Porter Jr. in a sign and trade. Houston was in talks with Indiana, and there was a chance that the Lakers would’ve have traded for George early to make sure that his interest didn’t fade.

Instead, the Pacers got … this. Oladipo is 25, but his NBA value is Cheap Jerseys Sale pretty set as a solid scorer who doesn’t do much else. Sabonis started most of the year, but the Thunder traded for Taj Gibson to displace him and he shot under 40 percent from the field. (39.9 percent, but still.) His ceiling is probably a solid stretch four, which is a nice player to theoretically put next to Indiana’s budding star, Myles Turner, but hardly unique to this league.

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