Falcons QB Matt Ryan: People read too much into comments about Kyle Shanahan

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Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had to clarify his comments about Kyle Shanahan after it seemed he had criticized his former offensive coordinator.

In an article published by CBS Sports, Ryan was quoted saying that Shanahan took to long too make decisions during the Falcons’ Super Bowl meltdown against the Patriots.

Shanahan, who is now the head coach of the 49ers, heard the comments and said he has never had trouble with players being slow during his calls before.

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The days’ events may seem unrelated, but they are. Here’s the NFL’s greatest current player arguably its greatest player ever saying that, at his age, we shouldn’t worry if he suffered a serious head injury.

Given that we all revere his unprecedented invincibility as an 18-year professional football veteran, Brady’s comments brings back all the old-school thoughts on the league staying too cool on concussions.

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