NFC West 2017 predictions: Seahawks find old heights; 49ers stay at new low

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Ever since the Seahawks moved from the AFC to form the new NFC West, they’ve dominated the division. Since 2002, Seattle has won eight titles, including three of the past four.

After settling for a wild-card playoff trip in 2015, the Seahawks flew back to the top over the Cardinals, winning the West by three games despite just a 10-5-1 record. Some see Seattle as having a closing championship window because of defensive age and injury, but others can see its bigger offensive upside.

Here’s how the Seahawks stack up against the current division competition.

The Cardinals have a ton of talent, but they are closer to last year’s 7-8-1 model than the one that went 13-3 to take the division two seasons ago.

Which is saying a lot considering one of those teams tossed its general manager overboard barely a week before training camp opened. There could be an immediate payoff for the Panthers’ shakeup, though, if the move eases the reported locker-room tension. The Buccaneers are poised to break through, or at least poised to face the expectations about breaking through. The Saints are hit-and-miss lately, but it’s never smart to assume they’ll keep missing.

Porter is more valuable than his 14.2 points per game suggests, too. If he didn’t make nearly half of his catch-and-shoot 3-point attempts, teams would be able load up on Beal Cheap Jerseys Outlet Shop and Wall with far greater frequency in the halfcourt. He’s almost the backbone of their offense, and the Wizards put Porter in certain positions on the floor because it makes it easier for Wall and Beal to make the Cheap La Kings Jerseys correct read when teams do pack the paint.

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