NBA playoffs 2017: LeBron James still an enigma for NBA defenses

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For most of the past 12 days, the Celtics have been asked one thing consistently by media members, and in their more solemn moments, they’ve surely been asking themselves much the same thing: What are you supposed to do about LeBron James, anyway?

Taking “First Take” on the road is a smart way to connect with the show’s audience, Roberts Cheap Jerseys Sell said. Since the departure of Skip Bayless to rival Fox Sports 1 last year and the ascension of Kellerman as his replacement (Roberts said Kellerman continues to “grow” and become more “comfortable”), Smith and Roberts have looked for ways to get viewers involved.

The “First Take, Your Take” viewer contest invited viewers to debate Smith and Kellerman. It drew more than 7,000 entries. The show also started a segment called “Your Take” in which fans send tapes to Smith and Kellerman. The duo then respond on the air.

The loss ends Cleveland’s postgame winning streak at 10. The Cavs will try to restore order in Game 4 on Tuesday night (8:30 p.m. ET, TNT).

Avery Bradley hits every part of the rim, but sinks a 3 with a tenth of a second to play. The Celtics WIN, 111-108. “Wide-open look,” Bradley told TNT’s David Aldridge after Cheap Jerseys Team the finish.

The key for us is just fighting back. We wanted to chip away…

And that’s it — Cleveland has set up its third straight NBA Finals appearance with the Warriors after beating Boston 135-102 in Game 5. LeBron James finishes with 35 points, eight rebounds and nine assists.

Cleveland now has a series-high 135 points in Game 5. Boston never had a chance in this one.

Cleveland now leads Boston 130-96 with two minutes remaining in the half — matching their Game 4 beatdown against the Celtics.

Cleveland leads 115-80 with a little over six minutes remaining in the game. This one is over.

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