Look no further than this final point

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Bruce Matthews and his wife, Carrie, had seven children, most notably Jake, who was a first-round pick of the Atlanta Falcons in 2014 and immediately was tabbed as the starter Cheap USA Soccer Jerseys at left tackle. One of Bruce’s other sons, Kevin, spent time with the Titans, Redskins and Panthers from 2010-2014. Mike Matthews was a standout at Texas A&M, where Jake and Kevin played, before signing with the Browns after the 2016 draft.

After his football career, Clay Matthews Sr. became a successful businessman and eventually settled in his native South Carolina in his later years.

After his first wife, Daisy, passed away, he remarried in 1982. Carolyn Matthews said that even as her husband gradually lost his memory, possibly from his years of football, he kept his wit. When she asked him in 2007 when he first started to exhibit memory issues, he quipped, “When I was about 20.”

Clay Sr.’s younger brother, Dale, who played football at The Citadel, died from complications of Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 72.

Look no further than this final point: In 1954, when the sacrifice fly was established as its own statistic, a stipulation was made so that it would not impact a player’s batting average, which at the time was believe to be the keystone statistic representing offensive output.

Who needs offense when you can have a pitchers’ duel … every at-bat? You want to speed it up? Watch how quickly these relief pitchers flail in the batter’s box. They’ll swing at everything — balls in the dirt, planes overhead, etc. Option 8A: Clone Jeff Francoeur and watch him swing at everything.


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