Packers’ Martellus Bennett: NFL should educate players on life, not dancing

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Martellus Bennett has never been one to shy away from his feelings, so it’s no surprise he had some thoughts on the NFL’s decision to make a video informing players about the right way to celebrate during games.

“An educational training video on celebrations? Spend that money on something else like a video on investments or something that,” Bennett tweeted. “[That ] will help the players. Who gives a s— what guys do when they celebrate. Do something impactful. Y’all wasting guys time with this s—.”

This isn’t even about the Yankees, masters of excess, being excessive. The on-field ceremony was relatively understated and not unlike what, say, the Cardinals or Dodgers or Braves would do for a franchise legend. This is more about the orbit around the Bronx and the premature elation of those who circle it.

What will the media do for an encore when Jeter walks the Hall of Fame stage? Camp out in Kalamazoo? Stalk the compound in South Florida? Launch ESPNDJ2? The first two, for sure. The other? We’ll see how the ledger looks at that point.

But, really, there isn’t much left to say about Jeter. It’s looking less likely we can explore the angle of how he’s doing as a team owner.

Unless the Steinbrenners give him a piece of the Yankees as a reward for becoming a Hall of Famer. That certainly would top the ring they gave Jeter on Sunday night in Cheap Mountain Bike Jerseys honor of him becoming a resident of Monument Park.

Otherwise, we’re looking at another, probably longer, round of “Yay, Jeets! You’re the best!” And who wants to listen to all that again?


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