LaVar Ball says you’re ‘not a big baller’ if you can’t afford $495 shoes

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If you were concerned about the price tag that comes along with the first release of Big Baller Brand shoes, then we have some news for you. According to LaVar Ball, that means you are not in fact a big baller.

In some ways, LaVar Ball has done a great job at marketing himself and becoming a household name. These kind of remarks won’t help that idea though. Not many people can spend that kind of money on shoes and now he’s really alienating himself from a lot of young kids and fans who may have wanted to support his family. If LaVar Ball wants to sell his shoes for just under $500, that’s his prerogative. But you don’t have to make others feel bad when you do it.

A record of the Raptors’ problems has to start at the top. This was DeMar DeRozan’s worst showing of the season: eight points on 0-of-8 shooting, 2 rebounds, zero assists. There’s no way to sugar-coat it, DeMar was still in Toronto for this game. Whatever mojo he had working the previous contests, it was gone here. There’s no real explanation for it — we know he can, and will, take and make the shots he wants — there was just no urgency from him tonight. And with DeRozan listing, the tone of the evening was set.

You can keep reading from there, and it’s more of the same. The Raptors can, but will they? That’s a question only they can answer, but everything we’ve seen so far allows us to be pessimistic about those chances.

The Cleveland Cavaliers messed around for an entire half, had minimal Blue Jays Cheap Jerseys contributions from Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, and still erased a 26-point deficit to beat the Indiana Pacers in Game Authentic NFL Cheap Jerseys 3. Sometimes, when you have LeBron James, that’s just how it works.

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