Broncos LB Von Miller: Hitting 30 sacks in one season is ‘doable’

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Is hitting 30 sacks in a season possible? Broncos linebacker Von Miller believes so.

The 2015 MVP said after Wednesday’s practice he has done the math, and has come to the conclusion that the feat is “doable.”

“You’ve got to come out, you’ve got to get 10 in that first month,” Miller said. “You’ve got to get 10 in that first month, which is doable. You get two and a half, two and a half the next game and two and a half the next game after that.

“We look forward to working with the Players Association on all issues involving the health and safety of our players,” Joe Lockhart, the NFL’s executive vice president of communications, said in a statement to the Post.

The NFLPA has already begun a study to determine whether players should use marijuana for medicinal purposes. That study could lead to the NFL loosening its hard stance against the drug, which has been legalized for medicinal purposes in 29 states and the District of Columbia. Eight states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

DeMaurice Smith, the NFLPA’s executive director, told the Washington Post in January he was working on a proposal that would result in a “less punitive” approach to marijuana use by players.

“I do think that issues of addressing it more in a treatment and less Cheap Jerseys And Snapbacks punitive measure is appropriate,” Smith said at the time. “I think it’s important to Cheap Jerseys Borntrade look at whether there are addiction issues. And I think it’s important to not simply assume recreation is the reason it’s being used.”

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Falcons QB Matt Ryan: People read too much into comments about Kyle Shanahan

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Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had to clarify his comments about Kyle Shanahan after it seemed he had criticized his former offensive coordinator.

In an article published by CBS Sports, Ryan was quoted saying that Shanahan took to long too make decisions during the Falcons’ Super Bowl meltdown against the Patriots.

Shanahan, who is now the head coach of the 49ers, heard the comments and said he has never had trouble with players being slow during his calls before.

What about the rest of the NFL? Sporting News ranked the league’s starting quarterbacks, head coaches and general managers this summer. We averaged the rankings of those three for each team to determine which NFL franchises are best set up for success.

The days’ events may seem unrelated, but they are. Here’s the NFL’s greatest current player arguably its greatest player ever saying that, at his age, we shouldn’t worry if he suffered a serious head injury.

Given that we all revere his unprecedented invincibility as an 18-year professional football veteran, Brady’s comments brings back all the old-school thoughts on the league staying too cool on concussions.

Heck, if it didn’t bother Brady or keep from him being the G.O.A.T. with another Super Bowl ring, why should we care in the end? Because regardless of the NFL trying to deflate him, Brady Cheap Infant NFL Jerseys is still looked up to as the model that every player on every level emulates: someone who was that Cheap Jackie Robinson Jerseys good (and healthy) for that long.

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Cousins will most likely have a new home next season.

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Despite the irregularities, Hendrick seems to have made a legitimate impact on many conversations about Pakistani politics, an impressive achievement for an account that was effectively starting from scratch. One tweet, responding to a tweet by the prime minister’s daughter concerning the upcoming Panama Papers inquiry, was retweeted more than 1,700 times, including by a number of local journalists. Amazed at the way Pakistani leaders think going to answer questions regarding corruption is an achievement, Hendrick tweeted. Here in the west, leaders usually resign before commissions, but in Pakistan it’s totally the opposite.

When the tweets first arrived, many took the verified check mark as proof of the account’s legitimacy. Everyone in Pakistan considered it to be a genuine account, one Pakistani student observed. His account is verified so the hacker took advantage of it.

Cousins will most likely have a new home next season. Washington could still franchise tag him again next year to keep him from walking, but the team would be on the hook for an astronomical amount: more than $34 million.

Washington could also re-sign Cousins once free agency begins. ESPN’s Adam Schefter said Cousins was open to a new deal following the season, but after two years of playing under the tag, Cousins may be ready to move on. Quarterbacks as productive as Cousins rarely hit free agency. In his two full Cheap Goalie Jerseys seasons as a starter, he has completed 68.3 percent of his passes for 9,083 yards and 54 Cheap High Quality Jerseys touchdowns.

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Saints’ Cameron Jordan mocks Jaguars QB Blake Bortles for being bad

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Blake Bortles has had a rough go in his three years as a professional quarterback. He’s had at least 16 interceptions in each season, with a career TD:INT ratio of 69-to-51. Even worse, it doesn’t appear like he’s improving, as he had a five-interception practice during Jaguars training camp.

Drew Brees, on the other hand, is a future Hall of Fame quarterback. While the talent difference between these two QBs is evident, Saints defensive end Cam Jordan really wanted to drive the point home with comments made on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Also, while Jones said he jumped off the Jet Ski, the television station reported he apparently hit a boat wake and was tossed into the water.

The divers were unable to find the jewelry.

It’s down in crevasses and nooks and crannies, Richard Pickering, one of the divers, said. It’s impossible – absolutely impossible.

Jones, whose Falcons contract pays him about $14 million a year, has generally been in good spirits about the lost trinket.

As long as I’m good, it’s materialistic stuff, he told WXIA after the incident. You can always get that kind of stuff back.

He said Saturday his teammates didn’t tease him about the lost earring.

We didn’t really make a big deal out of it because it’s not a big deal, Jones said.

Since 2012, only three free agent running backs have signed deals with at least $10 million in guarantees attached — DeMarco Murray (traded after one season in Philadelphia), Chris Ivory (averaged 3.8 yards per carry in 2016), and Lamar Miller (a career-low 4.0 yards per carry in his first Cheap European Soccer Jerseys season with Houston). It suffices to say, these investments have failed to pan out for the teams that made them.

Part of that lull is because teams with franchise backs locked their players down to long-term extensions. Adrian Peterson stayed with the Vikings thanks to an $86 million extension back in 2011. LeSean McCoy inked a $45 million deal to remain in Philadelphia, at least until Chip Kelly showed Cheap Full Dye Softball Jerseys up. Marshawn Lynch got $30 million in 2012.

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Panthers’ Cam Newton resting sore shoulder for second day

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Cam Newton’s arm remains shut down.

The Panthers quarterback did not throw during team drills for the second straight day Wednesday as he continues to rest his sore shoulder.

Coach Ron Rivera downgraded the severity of the nagging injury and described it as routine maintenance since Newton is still healing from offseason surgery. The veteran signal caller was held out of Tuesday’s practice and had previously sat out several team drills during the second half of Carolina’s workouts on Sunday.

Newton initially suffered the injury against the Chargers in Week 14 last year and didn’t miss any time, though the team limited his activity at the end of the season. He underwent surgery on his right shoulder in March to repair a partially torn rotator cuff and began his rehabilitation the following week.

The Patriots should not have beaten the Chargers in the 2006 Playoffs. Somehow, it was a Tom Brady interception that led them to victory — and a spot in the AFC title game. Facing fourth-and-5 with six minutes to go in a seven-point game, Brady forced a pass over the middle that was intercepted by Marlon McCree at the Chargers’ 31-yard line. Troy Brown, who had filled in as a cornerback for a needy secondary in years past, caught up to him and forced a fumble that gave New England new life late in the game.

Brady took advantage of the second chance with a 4-yard touchdown pass Cheap Dolphins Jerseys to Reche Caldwell to tie the game. One San Diego three-and-out later, he drove the Patriots back into enemy territory for a 31-yard field goal that gave his team the lead. Philip Rivers put the Cheap Dodgers Jerseys Chargers in striking distance of overtime, but Nate Kaeding’s 54-yard field goal Cheap Discount Jerseys couldn’t find a spot between the uprights.

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There’s a brand-new NFL draft war room, which was used for the first time this year.

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There are separate walls that monumentalize the top 10 moments in Cowboys history, the Cowboys’ five Super Bowl wins and Cowboys Pro Bowlers, among other tributes. A cluster of manikins displays the evolution of the Cowboys uniform.

There’s a cafeteria run by master chefs. In that cafeteria are commemorative displays of “firsts” — the Cowboys’ first game, for example. One of Tom Landry’s old hats rests in a glass case a few yards away from where Jason Garrett eats his lunch.

The Cowboys’ locker room, weight room and training room, of course, are all as big and fancy as they come. Their main meeting room looks more like a deluxe movie theater.

There’s a brand-new NFL draft war room, which was used for the first time this year. Outside that room is a display case featuring the actual pre-draft evaluations of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin.

And so on — around each corner is a different nugget of Cowboys glory.

What we’re seeing here in the summer of 2017 is setting up the next blockbuster story, which will be LeBron 2018. As fascinating as the league’s flux has been lately, only James can single-handedly change the power structure in the NBA, and that will come next summer when he hits free agency.

Of course, there is a chance that James, as Irving has done, could lodge a trade demand with the Cavaliers. But few around the league expect that to happen. Instead, James will get through this season and decide where to play out his late NBA years next summer.

But what comes after that for James? We checked in with executives around US Cheap Jerseys the league for Tampa Bay Lightning Cheap Jerseys insights on what to expect for James next summer.

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Felix Hernandez could be forgiven for celebrating his front office’s decision to not throw in the towel.

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On Thursday’s edition of “First Take,” ESPN’s Pablo Torre revealed he had spoken with a trustworthy source who said Irving “very badly” wants to join the Knicks. It would be a homecoming of sorts for Irving, who attended St. Patrick High School in Elizabeth, N.J., where he excelled on the court next to current Hornets forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

Putting Irving in a lineup with Kristaps Porzinigis sounds intriguing, particularly when you consider Irving wants to be the focal point of the offense and escape LeBron James’ shadow. Assuming Porzingis stays and Carmelo Anthony is dealt, Irving would eat up a good portion of Anthony’s volume and score more efficiently.

Felix Hernandez could be forgiven for celebrating his front office’s decision to not throw in the towel.

The 31-year-old Mariners ace is starting to look like a future Hall of Famer. He won his 150th game last year and might have the best shot of any current pitcher in the majors to get to 300 wins. His case is strong for both peak and longevity. Hernandez is also starting to look Cooperstown-bound by more sophisticated measures.

Hernandez’s Hall of Fame chances will take a hit if Seattle ever launches into the rebuild that fans and writers have expected in recent years. It’s an understandable temptation, with the Astros emerging as the potential next great American League powerhouse while high-profile acquisitions like Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz have failed to take the Mariners to the next level.

But if a rebuild ever happens and Hernandez remains with the Ravens Cheap Jerseys Mariners, it Texans Cheap Jerseys might cost him the Hall of Fame. He already appears to have better-than-average Hall of Fame odds, though it’s likely going to be close.

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We had a team of four within the Notre Dame community.

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Imagine the looks on the faces of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant if they saw Rose switching onto them following a screen. That’s just instant buckets every time.

Placing Rose in the starting lineup next to Irving would be an odd fit, and Cleveland just signed Calderon as a backup point guard. They have enough one-way players. If the ultimate goal is to take the Larry O’Brien trophy back from the Warriors, Rose won’t get the job done.

Bleacher Report signed a fly-on-the-wall deal with Notre Dame last season that gave it behind-the-scenes access to coach Brian Kelly, players, team practices and the locker room.

Said Yanarella: “We had a team of four within the Notre Dame community. We created social content that was built for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. … I think we drove 15 to 20 million views with the content that we created.”

The Dodgers have long loathed the idea of trading top prospects, but they might have to make a bold move to make a World Series title a reality. They have the prospects necessary — four guys in Baseball America’s midseason Top 100 prospects, headed by right-hander Walker Buehler — and the motivation of trying to win that first championship since 1988.

Need to know: This feels like the obvious solution, and the Dodgers are reportedly interested in the Rangers’ strikeout artist, which should make Dodgers fans happy. He would slot into the playoff rotation at No. 2 behind Kershaw, and he’d be a right-hander to break up the all-lefty Kershaw-Wood-Hill trio. Darvish’s strikeouts are down a bit (9.7 K/9 this year; 11.3 in his career prior to 2017) but his hits and walks ratios are right at or better than career averages. Darvish likely wouldn’t command one of L.A.’s top prospects, but Patriots Cheap Jerseys rather a package headlined by someone in the 6-10 range on their list of NFL Jerseys From China prospects.

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Breaking down new-look Eagles: Carson Wentz gets his weapons; so does pass rush

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The Eagles got the hard part out of the way last offseason when they traded up in the draft for franchise quarterback Carson Wentz. The move gave Philadelphia officials a clear handle on how they needed to prioritize in their follow-up 2017 offseason — getting everything Wentz needs to take a big leap in Year 2.

While the lines and linebackers didn’t require more than a few tweaks, the Eagles spent free-agent money on pass-catchers and draft capital on pass rushers and coverage. As they added more firepower around Wentz, they also delivered their defensive arsenal an excellent, follow-up first-rounder.

Here we analyze the key changes on the Eagles’ depth chart as they try to go from a 7-9 team to a true NFC playoff contender.

Hawkins, though, happened to be the one who donated his on the day of the release of the most damning report yet on the consequences of playing football.

Tuesday was a day of mixed emotions about Hawkins retiring from the NFL and moving on to what looks like a bright post-career future. But between that, the announcement of his brain donation for study by the experts at Boston University, and the news that 110 of 111 brains of ex-NFL players studied at the school had the degenerative brain disease CTE … the day was one of sobering, disheartening coincidences.

Hawkins is as admired in and around the NFL as any non-superstar player today. He acknowledged The Best Cheap Jerseys every team he’s ever played for in a goodbye Instagram post. He wrote a thank-you letter to Bengals Soccer Cheap Jerseys fans in the Cincinnati Enquirer. The Browns posted a touching farewell video after he made his announcement.

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NFC West 2017 predictions: Seahawks find old heights; 49ers stay at new low

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Ever since the Seahawks moved from the AFC to form the new NFC West, they’ve dominated the division. Since 2002, Seattle has won eight titles, including three of the past four.

After settling for a wild-card playoff trip in 2015, the Seahawks flew back to the top over the Cardinals, winning the West by three games despite just a 10-5-1 record. Some see Seattle as having a closing championship window because of defensive age and injury, but others can see its bigger offensive upside.

Here’s how the Seahawks stack up against the current division competition.

The Cardinals have a ton of talent, but they are closer to last year’s 7-8-1 model than the one that went 13-3 to take the division two seasons ago.

Which is saying a lot considering one of those teams tossed its general manager overboard barely a week before training camp opened. There could be an immediate payoff for the Panthers’ shakeup, though, if the move eases the reported locker-room tension. The Buccaneers are poised to break through, or at least poised to face the expectations about breaking through. The Saints are hit-and-miss lately, but it’s never smart to assume they’ll keep missing.

Porter is more valuable than his 14.2 points per game suggests, too. If he didn’t make nearly half of his catch-and-shoot 3-point attempts, teams would be able load up on Beal Cheap Jerseys Outlet Shop and Wall with far greater frequency in the halfcourt. He’s almost the backbone of their offense, and the Wizards put Porter in certain positions on the floor because it makes it easier for Wall and Beal to make the Cheap La Kings Jerseys correct read when teams do pack the paint.

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