Oakland is favored to win its first division title in 15 seasons.

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Of course, it’s only Week 1, so there are no insurances Jacksonville is for real despite its first-place status in the AFC South. But after entering the season with such a gloomy forecast and six straight years of 11-plus losses, there might actually be sunny skies ahead for a club forced to stay overnight in Houston Cheap Hockey Jerseys For Sale because of Irma’s impact on Florida.

“It’s all about consistency,” said Fowler, who finished Sunday’s game with three tackles and a sack. “We need to be consistent week-in and week-out with a certain mindset and the will to finish off our opponents.

But placing all your chips on the Silver and Black might not prove wise. The Raiders must unseat the defending champion Chiefs and stave off a Broncos squad that should once again field a premier-level defense. Even the Chargers could be dangerous after losing nine of 11 games last season by eight points or less.

Oakland went 12-4 last season and had no shot in the playoffs because Derek Carr broke his leg in Week 16. With major questions on defense, the Raiders have been pegged in some places as a step-back team for 2017. And they might well turn out to be. But going into Tennessee and playing the kind of opener they played — no turnovers, sticking with the game plan on both sides of the ball, exerting their will in the fourth quarter — says a lot of very good things about where the Raiders are from a maturity standpoint. The Titans are a popular pick this season, and Oakland went in Sunday and reminded everybody that doesn’t mean much until you show it. Oakland was Cheap Houston Rockets Jerseys Tennessee a year ago and showed it, and the Raiders might just keep it up.

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It’s early, but numbers point to Chiefs as a real contender

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The NFL’s new top dog is the … Kansas City Chiefs?

It’s true. Just one week into the season and ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) believes that, going forward, Andy Reid’s team is the strongest in the NFL.

Diggs didn’t want to go overboard about Minnesota’s offensive prowess after just one game. But he knows the more success Cook experiences, the better the opportunities Diggs and his receiving crew will enjoy.

That would give the unit a chance to quiet those fans and media critical of the talent Vikings general manager Rick Spielman has assembled at the position.

“Of course, you want the respect of your peers, but I’m only worried about us and our team,” Diggs said. “Good, bad or indifferent — your guys are all you got.”

Stefon Diggs and CenturyLink have partnered to give fans the chance to win a customized “Boostbox” filled with Vikings items that include two tickets to an upcoming home game, computer tablet with his laser-engraved signature, and weekly specialty items that include a 55-inch television, video-game console and autographed memorabilia. Fans can enter to win here.

If Brady is interested in preserving himself for the playoffs, he can again take heart in Cheap High Quality NFL Jerseys the fact the AFC East remains terrible. The Patriots’ dominance Cheap Jerseys China NHL of said division should enable him to take some snaps or even some games off. Injury is the only thing that can seemingly stop Brady, so any losses on the offensive line could put him in jeopardy. For now, though, the prospects of a sixth Super Bowl title look very good.

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This will be the fifth consecutive season the Browns have three different starters at the most important position.

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Britt has stood by Bennett’s side with a supportive hand on his shoulder while the defensive end has sat on the bench during the national anthem before the Seahawks’ last three preseason games. Britt began doing that after Bennett sat alone on the bench during the anthem before the preseason opener.

Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter network, released a statement Wednesday offering the group’s support to Bennett. Black Lives Matter has joined with Color of Change to start a petition asking the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to release the names of the officers who allegedly assaulted Bennett and video of the incident.

Quarterbacks DeShone Kizer, Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan should all start games. — Pat McManamon

The Steelers’ defense will vault into the top five for the first time since 2012, when it ranked No. 1 overall in yards allowed.

Since then, the Steelers haven’t ranked higher than 12th. But the team Cheap Hockey Jerseys has poured high draft picks into this side of the ball and the return on investment should pay out now. — Jeremy Fowler

Darby, 23, was acquired by the Eagles just three weeks ago after Philadephia traded receiver Jordan Matthews and a third-round pick to the Bills. His loss is a blow to the team, which got off Cheap Jerseys America to a big start Sunday with a 58-yard touchdown pass from Carson Wentz to Nelson Agholor on the first possession.

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Start the Carmelo Anthony trade watch

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Carmelo Anthony is open to waiving his no-trade clause for the Rockets or Cavaliers, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. This is interesting news, especially considering that Phil Jackson was at least in part fired as the president of the Knicks for trying to cajole Anthony into waiving his trade veto power. Perhaps Jackson just wasn’t asking nicely enough!

Melo can become a free agent in 2018, and I would find it shocking if either Anthony or the Knicks wanted to re-up for another three or four years. He’s 33 now, and the Knicks are just on a different timeline. It’s in New York’s best interest to let Kristaps Porzingis, Frank Ntilikina, and other younger players find their footing, and to get something for Melo before he walks anyways.

Does Houston have the right package? They gave up a lot to get Chris Paul, and Woj reports the Knicks don’t want Ryan Anderson (understandably so, given that contract). That makes a two-team trade very difficult.

He can determine where he wants to go. If it’s Oklahoma City, and the Knicks are desperate to make the split from Anthony happen, they could be put in a position where they take little in return just to begin their rebuilding effort.

We’ve seen this happen over and over again this offseason — star players aren’t being traded for much these days. We can’t rule it out happening once again, even if it does seem unlikely.

Yes, the fit makes sense. But Anthony has to want to be there and the Knicks have to find themselves a good deal. If they don’t? That’s fine. They can just hold onto Anthony, and he’ll have to suffer through another season in New York.

The Thunder don’t have the assets to make this move and new Knicks General Manager Scott Perry will want to make his first major move a good one for the organization. It Cheap Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys just isn’t Cheap Qld School Basketball Jerseys likely that this happens without a third team involved, and that’s a difficult thing to do.

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The scientific reason for Dennis Smith Jr. dunking 2 weeks after tearing ACL in high school

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It might have been the best play of summer league, but Smith just missed it. Honestly, it looks like he almost jumped too high, throwing it off the back of the rim. That would be a ridiculous statement for most people but a valid one for Smith, who reportedly has a 48-inch vertical leap.

Talking about Smith’s leaping ability made us remember this fact about him: Many people know Smith tore his ACL in high school, but did you know he was dunking just two weeks after tearing it?

Another article says it was two months, so Smith’s dad (who gave the two weeks quote) might have been exaggerating. That’s still a ridiculously short amount Cheap NFL Jerseys of time, though. There’s actually a scientific explanation for it, as told in this Fox Sports article (that hasn’t pivoted to video yet):

Livingston is a change of pace guard in every sense of the phrase. Where Stephen Curry will fly down court and launch 30-foot bombs, Livingston is calm, under control, and will patiently work the mid-range. He doesn’t shoot threes (never has), but finds ways to be effective off the ball with his constant cuts and backdoor screens that come perfectly within the Warriors offense. Livingston has swung playoff games, and when he’s struggling, you can reduce his role without too much trouble. Overall, he’s just a perfect role player.

The aforementioned luxury tax aside, this is an excellent deal for both sides. Livingston gets three years of security, while $8 million per season is more than a fair bargain on Golden State’s side. Remember, it was Livingston who had the catastrophic leg injury three seasons into his career and almost had to have his leg amputated. He has only made about $40 million in his career, so it’s Cheap NFL Jerseys Usa truly amazing to see him make this comeback and now finally be rewarded for his efforts monetarily as well.

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Those four teams don’t have much to offer the Cavaliers in return.

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Irving doesn’t have a no-trade clause, so he doesn’t have the ability to reject any old trade here like Carmelo Anthony has done with the Knicks. He still has two years and a player option left on his contract, so he can’t use the same threat of departing as a short-term rental that Paul George could. Giving the Cavaliers a list does nothing for him at this point.

Those four teams don’t have much to offer the Cavaliers in return. The Wolves have young prospects, but traded away Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn in the Jimmy Butler trade. They just signed Jeff Teague to a long-term deal and won’t be able to trade him until Dec. 15.

The Heat have some solid pieces to offer, but the most appealing is probably Justise Winslow. Other than that, they have mostly hefty contracts attached to middling talent

The Knicks don’t really have anything appealing other than Kristaps Porzingis, and the same can be said for the Spurs, who aren’t giving up Kawhi Leonard for anything. There’d unquestionably have to be a third team that comes in to facilitate a deal between the Cavs and these teams, and that’s a hard thing to accomplish.

On Saturday, Golden State general manager Bob Myers flew to Los Angeles to meet with Iguodala, returning to Oakland with a commitment to keep the team’s championship core Cheap MLB Jerseys From China together. It may have been more expensive than the team hoped, but Iguodala was the second-to-last piece of the puzzle. All that’s left is Kevin Durant, but there’s no doubt about his future: the new Warriors star is expected to re-sign with Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys the team in the next few days.

Iguodala is a perfect bench player for the league’s best team. Before Golden State, Iguodala had spent his entire career as a starter, but he didn’t question his move to the bench under Steve Kerr with the 2015 Warriors team that eventually won a championship.

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Experience reigns supreme at WNBA All-Star Game

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Seattle, WA—Saying that the All-Star Game’s Western Conference contingent at KeyArena today had a plentiful supply of WNBA championship bling would be an understatement. In fact, Seattle’s Breanna Stewart was the West’s only player without at least one WNBA title and four players from the West claim three championships to their name (Diana Taurasi, Rebekkah Brunson, Seimone Augustus, and Maya Moore).

Sitting opposite these decorated WNBA veterans were the electrifying superstars from the East, eight of which were making their debut appearance in the All-Star Game. While clearly unfazed by the moment and exuding confidence, the fresh faces from the East were vanquished 130-121 by a West roster that leaned on premier shooting and veteran leadership.

“That’s just Maya. She only knows one way, whether it’s an All-Star Game or whether it’s Game 5 of The Finals. That’s what makes her really, really special.” – Cheryl Reeve

With the far lower sense of defensive urgency typical of an all-star game, both sides took full advantage. The fast-paced first quarter featured balanced scoring as nine out of 11 players on each roster found the net at least once. West head coach, Cheryl Reeve, put it best during a first quarter timeout when she quipped, “It’s good for TV so far.”

If it were a perfect world, the Pelicans probably don’t make this exact commitment to Holiday, but they don’t have any leverage because of their cap situation. With about $84 million in salary next season, they’re just $15 million under the cap. They can tap into the luxury tax with Holiday because of Cheap Jordan Jerseys China his bird rights, but they don’t have that option Cheap Knicks Jerseys with anyone else.

It’s not an ideal situation for them, but Holiday is good enough for them to swallow that pill.

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he was upset Toronto continued to play an isolation style of basketball

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Shortly after Toronto shipped him to Brooklyn, Carroll made several comments about his tenure with the Raptors in a July 10 story published by The Toronto Sun’s Ryan Wolstat.

First, he was upset Toronto continued to play an isolation style of basketball:

“I wasn’t happy, my agent, we thought the style of ball was going to be different, it was going to be more team-oriented, but I guess it was still ISO (isolation), so I thought they would have moved me last year, but that didn’t happen.

“If you’ve been playing ISO ball so long, and that’s all you know, it’s going Cheap Jerseys Paypal to be kind of hard. I think you have to bring certain guys in, certain coaches in, to really build that type of culture and I feel like Toronto is an ISO team, that’s what they win off (of), that’s what they’ve been playing off of for five, six years now.”

Still, while there may have been a ceiling on George’s trade value, the Pacers did a terrible job leveraging multiple team’s interest in George against each other. Cleveland wanted him, although it would’ve taken a third team like Denver. Washington was reportedly dangling Otto Porter Jr. in a sign and trade. Houston was in talks with Indiana, and there was a chance that the Lakers would’ve have traded for George early to make sure that his interest didn’t fade.

Instead, the Pacers got … this. Oladipo is 25, but his NBA value is Cheap Jerseys Sale pretty set as a solid scorer who doesn’t do much else. Sabonis started most of the year, but the Thunder traded for Taj Gibson to displace him and he shot under 40 percent from the field. (39.9 percent, but still.) His ceiling is probably a solid stretch four, which is a nice player to theoretically put next to Indiana’s budding star, Myles Turner, but hardly unique to this league.

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Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist earns historic 400th win

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Rangers veteran Henrik Lundqvist joined an elite group of NHL goaltenders Saturday as he earned his 400th career win in a 4-2 victory over the Avalanche at Madison Square Garden.

“I’m just really proud and really thankful for the opportunity,” Lundqvist said after the game, via Newsday. “This organization means so much to me. I will definitely enjoy this tonight and reflect a little bit. I had a lot of good teammates and you think back to them because they’re part of it as well.

Long-time hockey reporter Don Brennan did his best to chronicle the day for The Ottawa Citizen. Though he did speak with the mothers of both the bride and the groom –with the Citizen posting photos of the moms, including several of Ulla Karin Karlsson’s tattoo of her children, which includes, of course, Erik — Brennan did not even catch a glimpse of the happy couple much less speak with Karlsson and Currey before being ushered off the grounds.

Karlsson, the two-time Norris Trophy winner who was again a finalist as the league’s top defenseman this year following a 71-point season, helped lead the Senators to the Eastern Conference Final this past spring, ultimately dropping a heartbreaking double-overtime Game Seven to the eventual Stanley Cup champion Penguins. Karlsson, Ottawa’s captain, played through multiple foot fractures during the post-season. He underwent surgery on his left foot in early June.

“For me, Tony made the most sense for a whole lot of reasons,” said Jim Johansson, who will serve as general manager of the Olympic team.

Granato recently helped turn around the team at Wisconsin, which went 20-15-1 in 2016-17, Granato’s first season as head coach, after going 8-19-8 the year prior.

The United States is also hoping for a comeback of sorts. Most recently the Americans went 0-3 at the World Cup of Hockey in September 2016. The U.S. failed to medal at the 2014 Olympics New Nike NFL Jerseys in Wholesale NFL Jerseys Sochi after winning silver at Vancouver in 2010.

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This dad tried to catch a foul ball while holding his baby, and it was almost a disaster

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As a parent, you have to make a lot of choices. There are good ones, like encouraging your kid to be themselves. There are iffy ones, like letting your kid wear JNCO jeans in 2017.

Now, this is nowhere near as impressive as Tim Tebow letting loose of his bat grip over last weekend in Charleston, since Deichmann only makes it to the photog pool on the first base line. Tebow of course flung his stick all the way up into Mayor Joe Riley Park’s second level. However, we can consider both of these bat throws a kind of kindred pair, since both Deichmann and Tebow struck out after slinging their respective bats out of the field of play.

Betts’ offensive numbers aren’t as exciting as they could be, but he’s one of the most watchable players of the past decade, and I’ll hide behind the nerd numbers because they support my stance this time.

And, really, after Trout and Judge, it’s not like there’s anyone who’s super compelling. Here’s a list of all the AL outfielders who a) qualify for the batting title and b) have an OPS over 800:

Florida holds a 4-2 lead in the top of the eighth.

The Wildcats upended No. 2-overall national seed North Carolina in the Chapel Hill regional, but went on to lose out to Texas A&M in the College Station super. Their story was at the Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping same time Jerseys For Cheap inspiring and tragic, and only three starters in the dugout were on full scholarship.

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